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Martin Masset

My name is Martin Masset and I live in a small village called Spaubeek near Maastricht, Netherlands. 

My personal mission is to contribute to the widening of the collective consciousness of the world. That's why I help people searching for their purpose in life and connect my self to projects that make an impact on the transition to face global challenges.

In my 9th year of life is my mother deceased in a car accident. This event has had an enormous impact on my further future. I'm lucky that I grew up with my grandparents in a pretty rough neighborhood in Sittard. 
Here I learned the laws of the street through the university of life.

I have all my life been searching for whom I am and looking for the purpose of my life. 
This quest has given me many insights.
In 2008, I decided to share these insights with other people. 
For this, I created my own company Coraggio di Vivere. 
An organization where I take people, for three days, on a journey in nature to get the most essential insights into their identity, purpose in life (dharma) and personal leadership. 

In my profession, I have been 11 years in sales and business development at Sara Lee Douwe Egberts (market leader in coffee), Conference Director for the largest networking organization in the world (Junior Chamber International) and President of the first professional football club in the Netherlands (Fortuna Sittard).


In my spare time, I studied psychology, spirituality, personal development, and leadership. 

Besides my activities for Coraggio di Vivere, I am also part of Qeske. 
Qeske is a learning community of independent entrepreneurs who jointly develop innovations that make an impact to face global challenges. 
My specialization in this innovation platform is to develop and put a fair Chain and Zero Waste Coffee concept in the market. 

Some of my sources of inspiration are: Dr. Wayne Dyer - Johan Cruyff - Dr. Deepak Chopra - Nelson Mandela  

Thank you to be able to be part of this inspiring angel network! 

Warm regards, 


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